Relocation in the Netherlands

Dutch Relocation

Anyone who has ever moved house, knows how stressful this can be. Imagine moving house to another country, because, for instance, you’re starting a job at a new company. You don’t know your colleagues, you haven’t met any friends in your new home town, and your children haven’t found a school yet. That’s where the Mobility Consultant steps in. The main goal of a Mobility Consultant, and of anyone who is assisting you on your relocation, is to make sure that each family member feels comfortable about moving, and your new home country is ready to welcome you.

The provided services can be divided in several packages. The most common packages are temporary and permanent housing, settling in and home search.

Temporary Housing service

The temporary housing service is a small, but an essential one. The guarantee that you can check in at a serviced apartment right after you’re arrived in our new home county, can lift a weight off your shoulders. The serviced apartments are fully furnished, they are cleaned once a week, there is always someone on duty to help out in case of an emergency, and some of the buildings even have a swimming pool, a gym and a sauna that you can use, without any additional charges.

Home search

The home search service is a lot more extensive. Your budget and requirements are the key elements in in this services, and to make sure that the search will be a success, the Mobility Consultant will manage your expectations and give you a clear and honest view on the Dutch housing market. In close harmony with you and working together with reliable and flexible parties, the Mobility Consultant will make sure that you will find the house that suits you best, in the area that you prefer, and as close to your expectations as possible. Everything will be taken care of: from the actual housing tour, negotiations, contract review to the utilities set up, parking permit and change of address at the town hall. You would like rental furniture to bridge the period that your shipment is at sea? No problem. You would like a handyman to hang up some ceiling lights? Part of the home search package.

Settling in service

The last most common services, is the settling in service. This service covers everything else, from the moment your company initiates our services, to up to three months after your arrival date in the Netherlands. It starts with the first registration at the town hall, because everybody needs to have a BSN-number when they move to the Netherlands. A bank account will be set up as well, together with a package of insurances that you would like to have. Apart from that, you can expect assistance on finding a doctor and dentist close to your new address, information on health insurances, finding a school or day care for your children and inform you how to apply for the Dutch children’s benefits, information about public transport, knitting clubs close to your new home, Dutch language course: to every question you would like to ask, your Mobility Consultant knows the perfect answer.

Relocation company

All the other topics that you would need assistance on (think about car rental and import, the import of your pets, finding a nanny or cleaner) can and will be handled by a relocation company.  And of course, the most important aspect, the assigned Mobility Consultant will be your main contact and oracle for any kind of question, concern or doubt you might have. They are your first contact and connection to the new country!