Dutch Marketing Research and Sales Development throughout Europe

A Gate to Europe

DBi’s well-established network enables the marketing research and sales development services. Our partner has more than 20 years of experience,  working closely with clients to develop a unique business development model for European expansion. In the process, expertise was gained in a wide variety of sectors, including industrial, retail and healthcare.

Thanks to a subsidiary in France, clients can now benefit from even greater access to the pan-European network of contacts and resources. Furthermore, DBi and its partner offer access to some of Europe’s most sought-after talent, and to the resources they needed to manage European workforces in full compliance with local laws and regulations. Yet, we keep on developing. Today, we continue to seek new avenues for growth and ever-more innovative ways to help clients to achieve their goals.


Cross-Border M&A Services

Acquiring a European business can be a highly cost-effective way to access a new market. It can also be an excellent way to diversify product offerings, reduce operating costs or obtain valuable assets. However, it can be difficult to find appropriate targets without an intimate understanding of the marketplace.

That’s why so many companies turn to an M&A advisory service. Our partner has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to expertly guide cross-border acquisitions, from initial contact to closing.

What’s more, we can open doors you may not be able to open yourself. That’s because we speak the local languages of business owners and are sensitive to cultural differences—advantages that, while subtle, can mean the difference between a promising conversation and a closed deal.

When engaging our services, you’ll enjoy:
  • A customized strategic search to find the very best match for your needs;
  • Dedicated, multilingual team members who have contacts in a wide range of industries;
  • Advice from professional consultants who can draw on the expertise of our network of specialists and industry experts;
  • A single point of contact who’ll manage all processes, paperwork and communications;
  • Access to proprietary databases with exclusive information about a large number of European companies;
  • A process that’s cost-effective and efficient, since we’ll only present promising, highly qualified targets;
  • Improved market knowledge and a better developed European network as a result of having participated in our process.

We can ensure you your affairs will be handled with the utmost professionalism, integrity and confidentiality.

A Full Range of HR Services

One of the biggest challenges to expansion is managing a growing workforce, especially in a competitive labor market. With our network partners, we can simplify this task by offering a full suite of HR services that help comply with European employment legislation and reduce the liabilities that overseas hiring can entail.

By engaging our partner as a professional employer organization (PEO), the firm becomes the employer of record for your European operations. This means you don’t need to establish a legal presence in the European countries you operate in, nor do you need to source separate HR, legal or tax support services. Instead, we can handle all aspects of your European staffing needs, including hiring, payroll, benefits, insurance, taxation and legal compliance. Moreover, you’re assured of receiving the support, professionalism and dedicated service.

Much appreciated about these services are the following key aspects:

  • Having a single point of contact. You will work with a dedicated team consisting of an HR and a Finance professional;
  • Your team aligns your processes and goals in Europe and is available via a direct phone line. This means local hires can also count direct access to highly skilled professionals;
  • We don’t subcontract to local administrators or PEOs;
  • Our PEO services can be used on a Pan-European basis;
  • Implement and administer a variety of benefits—including pension plans, health care, life insurance, corporate credit cards and car leases—for European employees;
  • Our help in establishing suitable office spaces and IT solutions for their European workforces;
  • Making the effort to truly understand their organizations’ values and align our internal processes to theirs.

The services do not stop here: our partner has an extensive range of business solutions, applicable to help your organization grow at any stage. In addition to the administrative side, they can, for example, take care of legal issues, tax queries and payrolling.

Outsourced Sales Solutions in Europe

For more than 20 years, our partner has created dedicated sales and marketing teams—outsourced extensions of existing staff—for North American companies who want to expand in Europe.

As part of the service, we help these companies to:

  • Gain unique insights into how European markets operate;
  • Develop actionable strategies that can be put to use right away;
  • Access promising, well-qualified—but often hard-to-uncover—opportunities

In addition to these benefits, these services are generally provided at significantly lower costs than what it would take for clients to set up European sales teams on their own.

Therefore, our partner offers a sales outsourcing introductory program, developed to help North American companies better understand the benefits of working with a dedicated sales team. During this trial-based program, our partner will:

  • Set up a European office and an outsourced sales team for your company;
  • Perform extensive market analysis;
  • Develop a viable expansion strategy for your product or service;
  • Generate and qualify leads;
  • Arrange sales calls that let you connect with those prospects and partners who might best benefit from a relationship with you—and vice versa.

This is a simple and affordable way for companies to test the waters in a market that can be difficult to penetrate without a great deal of knowledge or a wide range of contacts. For many participating companies, the program has proven to be a basis for long-lasting client relationships –  and their greatest successes.

Once completed the program, many companies have:

  • A better understanding of their market potential in Europe and who the continent’s key players in their sector are;
  • A solid five-year European growth plan that includes practical tested strategies for promoting their product or service;
  • A new appreciation for how we can help them penetrate a diverse and ever-changing marketplace.


Please feel free to contact us for more information or to engage the services of our partner.