Dutch Market Explorer

Dutch Market Explorer

Market Explorer is a company that provides internationalization services tailored to the specific needs of its clients in order to support them effectively in their international development. The services are designed to assist businesses in identifying potential international markets, but also to help them conquer these markets, and include, among others, of market studies, partner and client search.

Strategically based and active in the Netherlands, Market Explorer is also operational in France, Sweden, and Belgium, in diverse industries such as construction, clean technologies and professional services.

Through an extensive network of partners, Market Explorer can also support customers in many international markets, in Europe and also in other continents.

Whether you are a small business considering new international markets or are already an international company wanting to do more expansion, Market Explorer can directly contribute to your efforts through customized services according to your business strategy. Find below examples of services that can be offered to you.

Market Research and Analysis

Qualitative and quantitative research include In-depth interviews. We communicate in local languages and report in English.

  • Market overview and analysis
  • Market Size and Segments
  • Competitive landscape and analysis
  • Market potential of your products and services
  • Market trends
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Legal and Regulatory studies
  • Business opportunities identification
  • Targeted market studies with actionable information
  • Identification of modes of entry and barriers to entry
  • Assistance in setting up a local business entity
  • Identification of relevant contacts and networks in local markets
  • European project services

Partner Search

Selected and contacted potential partners include for example, Importers, Distributors, Agents, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Joint ventures, Franchise and consortium partners

  • Identify potential partners
  • Develop short-lists of partners
  • Contact, screen and rank partners based on agreed criteria
  • Research and analyse the most advantageous partners
  • Submit qualified candidates to client
  • Arrangement of meetings with decision makers and key personnel
  • Assisting to introductory meetings
  • Reporting and recommendations
  • Support or participation to trade shows

Customer Search

Targeted customers are in principal companies regarded as potential end users of your solutions. The search can either be carried out on a project basis or through a flexible cooperation adjusted to your specific needs without long term commitment.

  • Identify relevant customer groups
  • Target potential customers based on chosen criteria
  • Customized company research
  • Identify qualified company contacts
  • Contact potential customers for exchange of information and feedback
  • Test the local market for suitability of your services
  • Lead generation
  • Follow up communication with potential customers
  • Arrange meetings with qualified contacts, decision makers and key personnel
  • Sales support services
  • Develop a client base and act as your local sales force in European countries

Local Representation

In certain circumstances, after initial market exploration and before either selecting a permanent business partner or even investing in one local legal structure it might appear beneficial to an international company, to use Market Explorer as a temporary local representative, both for showing local presence, facilitating local activities, following up local relationships but also investigating new possibilities and promoting your company into your selected market. In other words, Market Explorer can offer you smooth transitional steps from the initial market exploration until your major decision making. Meanwhile DBI partners can in parallel also support you with various services necessary to develop your future company or partnership, this way limiting the risks in your business expansion.