Dutch grants

Dutch Innovation and Informal Investors

De Breed & Partners helps you to fund your innovation and development.

Do you invest in technology, are you engaged in R&D activities in The Netherlands, or do you develop new hardware or software?
Discover the Dutch and European subsidies and tax advantages for innovative businesses! The Dutch government wants to encourage and financially stimulate businesses and knowledge organisations, to constantly innovate and develop, in order to sustain their technological and economic position.

Research and development of technological innovations

De Breed & Partners supports entrepreneurs in finding the necessary funding for research and development of technological innovations. We are familiar with all major Dutch and European grants and innovation programmes and know which information is relevant for the application. We do not only take care of your application, but also provide optimization for your subsidies, tax breaks and credits, so you can fully concentrate on innovating. Depending on the specific grant, we can offer you our services at a 100 % succes fee or a combination of succes fee and an initial deposit.

All our consultants have a technical background and insight into often complex technologies and R&D pathways of innovative projects in the ICT sector and industry.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to give you an update and expert advice. Please call +31 (0)76 5654321, or send a mail to sales@debreed.nl.

Crowd funding and informal investors

A special service in funding businesses is crowd funding en matching with investors. Investormatch (a separate branch of De Breed & Partners), matches informal investors or business angels with Dutch companies in need of extra investors or financial injections, through their platform www.investormatch.nl or in a more personal setting. The company can give shares / certificates or interest in return. If you want to know more about Investormatch please contact Peter van Meersbergen (vanmeersbergen@investormatch.nl) or Jeroen Snellen (snellen@investormatch.nl).
For other financial services we offer a large network of partners and associates. We invite you to fill out the contact form at: www.debreed.nl