Dutch employment law

Dutch Employment Law

Pallas Attorneys-at-Law is a boutique law firm with an international focus that specializes in employment law and labor law.

Are you looking for a strategic partner in employment law or employee representation/participation law? Pallas Attorneys-at-Law is an expert in employment law and labor law issues and has a special focus on cross-border related matters. We mainly work for clients with an international focus.

We would like to get to know you and your company and understand what is important to you so that an optimum result can be achieved. Litigation is our business but we certainly consider a good settlement to be valuable as well. You can rely on our expertise and decisiveness.

What we can offer you:

  • National and international experience
    Pallas Attorneys-at-Law is here to help you with all your questions relating to employment and labor law. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with these issues in many fields, both nationally and internationally. Whether these are employment contracts, dismissals, change processes, or cross-border situations involving expats, we are your perfect partner.
  • Personal approach
    Our approach is personal and based on mutual trust. We like short lines of communication and a clear structure, and provide you with a single point of contact for all issues relating to employment and labor law. This allows us to work efficiently and decisively for you.
  • High quality
    Thanks to our professional expertise and many years of practical experience, we guarantee high quality. Our expertise allows us to view a problem from all angles, even if it goes beyond our own specialist area, as we work closely with other specialists within our national and international network.
  • Good value for money
    Pallas Attorneys-at-Law is a boutique law firm. This is a deliberate choice. High quality with a personal approach at competitive rates: that is what we offer.

For more information please refer to our website: www.pallaslaw.nl