Dutch employment law

Dutch Employment Law

Liber Dock is a law firm with an experienced team they transferred from a high-end Zuidas law firm and expanded now to a team of 10 employees, including Ronald Beltzer, professor in the field of employment, business and employee participation who joined Liber Dock as an independent advisor. His expertise ties in closely with our firm’s focus area.

Liber Dock specialised in legal and strategic matters relating to employment, business and participatory decision-making. This implies that Liber Dock advises on change programmes executed in cooperation with the Works Council, Unions, management and supervisory directors. They have guided various consultation procedures (advice and approval procedures) with or for the works council e.g. relating to the sale or closing of divisions or reorganization. The Liber Dock team also have extensive experience with transfer of undertaking and (negotiations with trade unions about) harmonisation of employment conditions.

When Liber Dock Attorneys was founded they were already cooperating with many loyal business partners, such as a leading, global provider of advice on human capital issues, a market leader in consumer financing and various international pharmacists. Dutch employment law is one of their specialties. Several new business partners approached us in the inaugural year and thereafter with a view to future cooperation. Business partners that have chosen to engage Liber Dock are amongst others Hunkemöller and MSD (Merck Sharp & Dohme). Please see the track record on the Liber Dock website. But this is for example what Hunkemöller states about the team:

It makes such a welcome change that the lawyers in this labour law team are not overly legalistic, act responsively and speak our language.” Anne Jaakke, Global HR Director Hünkemöller (internationally established lingerie brand with more than 2,700 employees and over 600 stores in 16 countries).

These and other business partners are also enthusiastic about the Liber Dock way of working in which two-way traffic between client and lawyer is the starting point. Together with the client the team wants to realise, as a business partner, the best solution possible, because clients know their business best. To facilitate this Liber Dock is strong in making the legal situation – as complex as it may be – visually clear by using specially designed infographics. As a result, the situation becomes clear at a glance to subsequently come to the best possible solution for the issue. Such visual advice is also practical for comprehensibly presenting the legal implications to internal stakeholders.

Except for change programmes, Liber Dock also assists in individual cases, if so desired. However, many companies choose to manage these kinds of cases internally. Liber Dock wants to service these daily activities. That is why Liber Dock operates a knowledge portal exclusively accessible to their business partners (through subscription or free of charge for long-lasting business partners) to facilitate these activities and make them more cost-efficient.

Liber Dock is recommended by Legal 500 2015: ‘very high industry knowledge’ and exhibits ‘very quick response times’, frequently receives instructions from its international client base, to which it recently added numerous new clients in the retail and manufacturing sectors.