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Digital Gateway to Europe

For over a 1000 years the Netherlands has been the (digital) gateway to the European market. As the international data distribution hub of the Netherlands, Digital Gateway to Europe offers up to date information about the digital gateway to Europe.  Together with their partners, they provide free assistance to get you a smooth launch in the Netherlands: the preferred data hub for digital services and the perfect place to distribute your data.


The data distribution hub consists of (internet) exchanges and backbone connectivity, data centers and large cloud providers and the ecosystem directly supporting this international data hub. Such international distribution hubs are known in the Netherlands as ‘Mainports’. In Dutch is it also referred to as the ‘Digitale Mainport’ or ‘Derde Mainport’.


Via the web portal www.digitalgateway.eu, Digital Gateway to Europe offer information, facts, and figures, free support and advice to help organizations with their launch, investment, expansion in the Netherlands. This is done in close cooperation with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency. Digital Gateway to Europe also provides promotion material to Dutch development organizations and Dutch digital companies for their own use.


Trade missions are important to meet future customers, get to know their demands, learn about other countries and stay up to date with tech developments. On top of that: they are a source of inspiration. Since 2014 Digital Gateway to Europe has organized several trade missions to Spain, France, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, and Germany.

Every year Digital Gateway to Europe organizes events and launchpads to connect the industry. They also organize short visits and participation to Trade Shows.


Furthermore, they regularly initiate extensive research and write reports about the data hub to keep the information up to date.  Via master classes, they provide information about the digital gateway to Europe. For companies that are abroad,  in-country expert sessions are organized to educate these companies on the opportunities the Netherlands has to offer.