Dutch Treasury Advisor

Kees Lakerveld – 2FX Treasury

Being a renowned Dutch treasury advisor , Mr. Kees Lakerveld offers expert advice on the management of financial risks and other treasury challenges to a wide range of international and domestic companies. As a qualified advisor with experience in Treasury advisory spanning over 20 years, his specialty lies in Treasury optimization, Multibank corporate payment system (TMS) implementation, Cash management and cash pool structures, Payment solutions & strategy, Bank fee analysis, Bank relationship management, Operational risk management, Exposure management, and Compliance. He is recognized for providing both standalone treasury advisory services and transaction related treasury advice. Combining sound technical skills with an in-depth understanding, he offers successful treasury solutions to identify and manage financial risks, and create shareholder value by lowering treasury related costs.

Either it is foreign exchange risk or liquidity risk, Mr. Kees Lakerveld provide the best-suited solutions to support growth of a business. Over years, he has also provided precise and accurate solutions for system development and implementation, global payment pricing models, settlements and country-specific characteristics such as currency controls and clearing systems.

Mr. Kees Lakerveld, being a successful Treasury Advisor, started his own firm, 2FX Treasury, to support International companies and financial institutions with his extensive knowledge and expertise. Streamlined communication, personalized care, and high ethical standards with a strict focus on quality of service have marked his rise from the early days of his career as a Dutch treasury advisor to one of the most distinguished experts in the country. Covering most industries and a wide range of countries across the world, he has also worked with Royal Bank of Scotland and ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

As a thorough specialist professional in Treasury Advisory, he communicates personally about the latest guidelines and regulations with all his clients on a regular basis and advises them on how best to benefit their businesses, while identifying and managing any financial risk involved. His personal involvement in his client’s cases and expert strategic advice, in spite of being such a recognized specialist in his domain, helps his clients conduct their businesses more confidently and efficiently while freeing them of any worry in financial market risks. Not only his clients benefit from Mr. Kees Lakerveld knowledge and expertise, but also benefit significant leverage from his wide professional network.

Mr. Kees Lakerveld can be reached at kees.lakerveld@2fxtreasury.com