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Hendrik van Duijn
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Mr. Hendrik van Duijn is a professional Dutch tax accountant and advisor who believes in personal care and accurate advice to his clients as a tax accountant in the Netherlands, something that has enabled him to remain among the most recommended Dutch tax accountants in the Netherlands. After spending a significant amount of his career in a reputed tax accounting firm, Mr. Hendrik van Duijn co-founded www.duijntax.com, a specialized boutique tax consulting firm specializing in catering to the needs of Dutch individuals and businesses, both in the Netherlands and throughout Europe and the USA. He established his firm which functions as a premier tax accountant in the Netherlands with the vision of providing the expertise which is deeply needed to navigate their way through the complex issues associated with complying with the various Dutch Taxes while living abroad, accompanied by a personal caring touch at very competitive fees. Being a highly qualified and competent Dutch Tax Accountant with more than a decade of thorough experience as a Dutch Tax Accountant and an entrepreneur, Mr. Hendrik van Duijn has spent significant portions of his career in assisting Dutch Citizens, immigrants and businesses operating in Netherlands as well as throughout Europe with filing all of their taxes, all the while taking into consideration a host of international tax issues related to their residencies all over the world. In addition, Mr. Hendrik van Duijn has extensive experience as an accountant in the Netherlands in handling a multitude of cases of a highly complex nature and helping them reach zero-error compliance with the Holland Tax Authorities.

Mr. Hendrik van Duijn brings to his clients his wide ranging capabilities in handling even the most complex cases with ease, as well as his extensive professional network within the Dutch Tax Accounting regulatory authorities that enable him to advise his clients correctly and practically on all matters relating to their Dutch tax filing and returns. Mr. Hendrik van Duijn’s key proposition is also his biggest strength as a tax accountant in the Netherlands- serving his clients exclusively, with personalized assistance and expert guidance on their business taxes, investment taxes and individual income taxes.

A simple fact bears testimony to the sheer unparalleled competence of Mr. Hendrik van Duijn as a Dutch Tax Accountant. At the age of 23, he was among the youngest fully certified Accountant in the Netherlands, a feat that is rare for professionals even a decade older than him at the time. Besides the obvious professional competencies and comprehensive knowledge in Dutch Taxes that he is widely renowned for, Mr. Hendrik van Duijn is one of the few licensed professionals in the Netherlands who personally communicate with and supervise every single tax related case of their clients, through his clear and precise communication skills. This gives his clients an unparalleled advantage of not only being advised by the best Dutch Tax Accountant in the country, but also getting regular accurate updates and streamlined advice that they can comprehend easily.

The office of Mr. Hendrik van Duijn and his associates places the highest emphasis on stringent data security and confidentiality. Firewalls, standalone servers and secure line data connections ensure his clients data is always secured with the best technology infrastructure available today, among all tax accountant companies operating in the Netherlands.

He can be contacted at duijn@duijntax.com
Or via his website at www.duijntax.com