Dutch Salary Tax Specialist

Kas van der Meulen – TTT Group

With over 20 years of experience, Mr Kas van der Meulen is a seasoned Dutch salary tax specialist who throughout his professional life built up a great and broad network that deeply respect his multi-disciplinary approach and personal touch.

Mr Kas van der Meulen started his fast-rising career within the Dutch salary tax and social security authorities where he benefitted from one of the best tax education programs, which enabled him to build strong technical expertise. He continued his successful career in the consultancy business (Big 4) where his personal capabilities are best demonstrated due to his natural drive to help clients with complex issues.

In 2015, Mr Kas van der Meulen started his own practice and joined TTT-Group, a tax boutique specialized in (international) wage- and income tax and social security, focused on the taxes and social security implications of (cross-border) employment,  (international) employment schemes and their financial and administrative implications. Typical Global Mobility issues like expat rulings and/or policies, the application of 30% rulings and/or Certificates of Coverage/A1 is daily practice and highly efficient managed, all to the benefit of clients.

Mr Kas van der Meulen comprehends what challenges entrepreneurs, companies and their employees face when starting or growing a business in the Netherlands and combines his social and strong analytical skills for the conversion of complex issues and regulations into workable and understandable rules and/or procedures. As trusted advisor of both management, supervisory board and/or works council, Mr Kas van der Meulen gets energy from building long time relationships and always strives to the highest service and performance level. His client portfolio varies from the biggest multinationals to local entrepreneurs and he has operated successfully in not only in complex issues within (international) companies, where both internal and external stakeholders’ interests played an important role but also when no more is asked than a quick, practical and not too expensive advice.

Given his expertise and background Mr Kas van der Meulen regularly publishes in specialized journals and maintains an excellent relationship with the Dutch authorities. As a person, he is known and appreciated for i.a. his reliability, adaptability, pragmatism and initiating ability.

Kas can be reached at kas.van.der.meulen@ttt-group.com or via www.ttt-group.com.