Dutch civil law notary

Dutch Real Estate Civil-Law Notary

Michiel van Hecke – DUDOK Legal

Mr. Michiel van Hecke is a true solutions-centric Dutch real estate candidate civil-law notary and works at DUDOK Legal. DUDOK Legal is widely regarded as one of the best in the practice of real estate and advisory services to a large number of businesses, ranging from small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations.

Mr. Michiel van Hecke is a graduate from Leiden University with a Master’s Degree in Notarial Law. Over the years, he built up a very successful practice because of his thorough and high work ethics, as well as unparalleled professional competence. Mr. Michiel van Hecke has more than a decade experience as a Dutch real estate specialist and is a graduate of the prestigous Grotius Academy (real estate). His keen eye for detail and high degree of responsiveness is admired and respected by his clients.

Key features that makes Mr. Michiel van Hecke’s practice stand apart from his peers in providing an integrated services that spans an extensive array of functions, all with streamlined communication processes. His clients swear by the promptness and high quality of his advisory services, and his sheer ability to cover a wide breadth of knowledge and incorporate them in his advice.

He is a member of the prestigious the Association of Notarial Real Estate Specialists (NRS). Mr. Michiel van Hecke also has high ethical standards, and believes in maintaining positive and long standing professional relationships with his clients based on mutual trust and quality of service.

Michiel van Hecke can be reached via email at MvanHecke@dudoklegal.nl