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Fredrik Jirlow – Market Explorer

Mr. Fredrik Jirlow is a highly knowledgeable and efficient Market Analyst, who has actively participated for the implementation of 100+ client projects in various industries and in multiple countries. Performing extensive research and providing insights regarding the trends, market, potential, competitors, current campaigns, and existing customers are the expertise of Mr. Fredrik Jirlow and is highly recommended by his customers for the same. With his global network and unparalleled skills & knowledge, he offers eminence services to his international clients regardless of their geographic location.

Being well-versed with the business culture of different countries, he had served a wide array of clients in countries like Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. As a Market Analyst, before implementing or advising for any project or product, he performs an extensive market research, determine brand reputations & perceptions, and also evaluate market penetration to offer effective and efficient service to his global clients. For every new project or product, Mr. Fredrik Jirlow performs complete concept-testing to identify positive financial outcomes to increase profitability.

His widespread reputation as a professional in the field of Market Analysis comes from his extensive work experience as a Market Analyst, working within and outside a large number of small-medium to multinational corporations spreading in numerous industries, including construction, businesses, energy, and technology. In October 2014, Mr. Jirlow established his company “Market Explorer” that is gradually gaining recognition for delivering innovative services regarding International Markets. As an entrepreneur and a reputed market analyst, he is often known to exceed his clients’ expectations and offer holistic and innovative solutions in the international and national market space.

In tandem with the marketing department, Mr. Jirlow develops strategies and closely work with clients to ascertain marketing goals by evaluating distribution channels, demographics, marketing outlets and prices. Blending his expertise and experience, he thoroughly examine a return on investment including finding information from industry associations, marketing experts, and statisticians to offer the best solution to his clients. Over years, Mr. Jirlow has successfully handled each aspect of a multilingual and multicultural business and has garnered praise as a proficient market analyst, for his effective handling, researching, analyzing, identifying and implementing international and domestic market opportunities for businesses, projects or products.