Dutch Grants Specialist

Raf Grubben – De Breed & Partners

My name is Raf Grubben, based in the Amsterdam Area, The Netherlands, working in the financial services sector.

I am an optimistic person with a wide range of interests and general knowledge, who likes to listen to people, their stories and their needs. Every day I ask myself: what’s new?

My function at De Breed & Partners as a consultant in grants (subsidies) and funding for Dutch companies working in innovation & technology, (mainly ICT) brings me the motto: never a dull moment!

If you have questions about these subjects I will listen carefully to you and let you know if it is viable and if I can be of any service to you. Call or text me any time.

You can reach me also at grubben@debreed.nl


De Breed & Partners

Do you invest in technology? Discover the Dutch and European subsidies and tax advantages for innovative businesses!

De Breed & Partners supports entrepreneurs in finding the necessary funding for research and development of technological innovations. We not only take care of your application, but also provide optimization for your subsidies, tax breaks and credits, so you can fully concentrate on innovating.

All our consultants have a technical background and insight into often complex technologies and R&D pathways of innovative projects in the ICT and industry.

In addition we are familiar with all the Dutch and European grants and innovation programmes and know which information is relevant for the application.

The Dutch Government considers businesses that technically innovate as very important. In order to encourage competition the Government continually readjusts its financial support. DB&P is always optimally informed about the most recent subsidy and fiscal possibilities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to give you an update and expert advice. Please call +31 (0)76 5654321, or send a mail to sales@debreed.nl.