Dutch Employment Lawyer

Boudewijn Kanen – Liber Dock

Boudewijn Kanen has been working as a Dutch employment lawyer for more than 10 years, for the most part with a prestigious firm at the Amsterdam Zuidas. He specializes in employment-related aspects of change processes, such as reorganizations, acquisitions and collective amendment of employment conditions, including pension conditions. He has successfully accomplished complex works council processes. Furthermore, he is an expert on corporate participation, particularly about the two-tier board regime and the position of supervisory directors. Based on this broad knowledge of participation, he has given advice on the development of a participation structure of a joint venture (a two-tier board company) and large-scale redundancy at multinationals.

Boudewijn has successfully dealt with complex issues in (international) undertakings involving both internal and external stakeholders’ interests. In doing so, he has given effective advice to both management, board of supervisory directors and works council on legal strategy issues and communications about such issues. He looks beyond the standard solutions.

In light of his expertise, Boudewijn is the permanent author of the alerts in the employment law journal Tijdschrift Arbeidsrecht in de Praktijk (“TAP”) and comments on pension case law for Sdu Opmaat (see track record). He also regularly publishes in professional journals. Boudewijn has successfully completed specialist courses on employment law ( Post-Academische Leergang Arbeidsrecht ) and pension law (Leergang Pensioenrecht). He is a Certified Pension Lawyer (CPL). Boudewijn regularly organizes workshops and lectured at the University of Amsterdam.

Boudewijn has been recommended by Legal 500 2014.

If you want the support of a Dutch employment lawyer to solve your problems or to give you advice, Boudewijn Kanen has exactly the skills and experience you need. That is why we offer you the right people for the right job. DBi the Netherlands and its professionals are always at your service, feel free to contact Boudewijn at any time.