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Sander van Lent – Customs Knowledge

Mr. Sander van Lent is a lawyer whose contribution to the Netherlands-based Customs Knowledge team of legal specialists is to provide expert advice in all matters relating to customs, logistics and transport for international trade.

As a qualified legal practitioner with experience in business law spanning over 15 years, his specialty lies in the assuage of the client’s legal worries pertaining to customs valuation, classification, origin, permits, export compliance, customs planning, fines and criminal legislation.

In addition to being a specialist legal adviser in customs, logistics, transport and international trade, Mr. Sander van Lent also has a solid background in private practice, both in terms of tax and civil law. His managerial functions across international trade offices, as well as his in-depth grasp of Dutch customs formalities and large sphere of influence across various authorities in the field recommend him as a legal adviser in matters of litigation, international contract drafting, re-structuring and training in these specialised sectors.

Having provided legal and business counsel for the international law firm Simmons & Simmons as well as for multinational companies the likes of TNT, DSM and CEVA, Mr Sander van Lent is ideally positioned to offer business clients valuable insights into litigation and compliance with respect to customs issues and challenges.

Mr Sander van Lent started his career in private practice, and held various titles and positions in the fields of customs, logistics, transport and trade. From his first assignment as a warehouse manager, he rose through the ranks and combined his hands-on logistics experience with the strong foundation in International Contracting conferred by his Master’s Degree.

Performing his duties within the general litigation department of multinational companies whose activities involved international trade and large-scale logistics operations has served to strengthen his interest in pursuing a career in customs law.

His dedication and commitment set him apart as he later headed a legal department with a workload of 5FTE. Being involved in operations that spanned the entire globe, with the Americas, China, India and the EU as major markets for his clients, he offered his counsel and gained invaluable experience in return. Apart from mastering anti-trust legislation, contract drafting and IP law, he became adept at managing professionals within this logistical environment.

Currently a partner at Customs Knowledge, his area of expertise comprises customs advice and litigation, but he continues to cultivate an interest in general contract law, tort law, merchandise handling and warehousing, and various other logistical operations. His insights and valuable input at the yearly “National Customs Convention” organised by Customs Knowledge also make him an authority in the litigation department, by all accounts; one that import-export clients turn to as they try to navigate through the maze of customs and logistics challenges.