Dutch Auditor

Winfried Jonk

NBC Van Roemburg & Partners BV
And NBC Audit Services BV

Winfried is a financial executive with broad experience in all aspects of accounting, auditing and financial management. He has a direct experience with real estate, financial consulting and venture capital, sustainability aspects and non-profit organizations.

 Winfried was educated and experienced at EY, and specialised in audits of organisations and advising of small and medium sized entities and insurance companies. Also in non-profit organisations. As an educated environmental auditor, he is well informed in sustainability aspects of company’s business processes and quality control systems

(ISO). He is now advising new businesses on incorporation, formation of corporations and business structures, taxes and accounting.

During 1996 Winfried joined NBC Van Roemburg & Partners as an auditor and accountant. After two years Winfried joined the board of directors of the company and he turned the company in one of the leading medium sized accounting offices, within a 20-mile radius of Amsterdam. NBC Audit Services execute audit and Assurance assignments. We do not only refer to the statutory audits for medium-sized and large companies, but also to the voluntary audits for example for foundations, associations and educational institutions.

NBC Audit Services

NBC’s audit approach is risk-based, identifying at the outset, the key areas that the audit will need to address. We work closely with management to ensure that the audit also reflects their concerns, enabling us to deliver constructive practical suggestions for improvements to controls and other business areas. Extensive use is made of information technology where appropriate, to ensure cost-effective and thorough analysis of financial information.

NBC Audit Services holds the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets AFM licence for the execution of statutory audits and is subject to the AFM supervision and quality control. In addition to our experience in audit and assurance assignments, we offer you certainty for the screening and description of and advice on your accounting procedures and internal control or the execution of an IT-audit of your computerised systems.

We serve clients doing international business, which are located in Germany (fashion), Switzerland and Austria (abrasives/cutting tools resp. gambling), Spain (entertainment resp. construction industry), France (trade in surgical supplies and machines), Israel (real estate and hotels), Eastern Europe (windmill energy, technical developments), Canada (adhesive products) and America (IT business). In addition, some of our local clients are active with international customers and locations (a.o England, Poland, France and Germany).

Winfried can be reached at winfried.jonk@nbcvanroemburg.nl and www.nbcvanroemburg.nl.