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Marco Koning
NBC Van Roemburg & Partners

Marco Koning is educated as a CPA and tax specialist and is highly valued by both his clients and external stakeholders as a professional, committed and approachable no nonsense business coach. Marco works with a wide range of businesses both in- and outside The Netherlands, pursuing the common endeavour to target the Dutch market successfully and providing an efficient, affordable and thorough reporting standard to comply with Dutch external stakeholders’ obligations.

With over 20 years of experience, including a long-term position at EY, Marco has the ability to make the increasingly complex Dutch business and tax regulations workable. Together with his team of highly educated professionals and backed up by an extensive network of various specialists in every business branch thinkable, Marco aims to unburden his clients with the company promise of a timely response to every issue.

During 1996, Marco joined NBC Van Roemburg & Partners as an accountant and tax law consultant. After two years Marco joined the board of directors of the company and has proven himself as the prime initiator that turned the company in one of the leading medium sized accounting offices, within a 20-mile radius of Amsterdam.

NBC Van Roemburg & Partners

NBC Van Roemburg & Partners is a Dutch accounting firm dedicated to optimise the results of its clients. We create long-term value by offering both broad financial knowledge and specialist industry knowledge. Our 60 employees focus on accountancy, audit, salary and personnel, mergers and acquisitions and so on. We serve various clients doing international business and are well experienced is the international reporting regulations, standards and timetables required by the stakeholders of the business in The Netherlands.

Marco can be reached at marco.koning@nbcvanroemburg.nl and www.nbcvanroemburg.nl