Relocation in the Netherlands

Miriam van Kempen
Expat Management Group

Miriam van Kempen is Mobility Consultant at the Expat Management Group (EMG). Heading the firm’s mobility department, Miriam and her team offer a wide range of relocation services to her clients. Whether clients requires basic relocation services (e.g. personal accompaniment, bank accounts, driver’s licenses, school and housing), or they would like to have their employees participate in a cultural training, she will always be able to compose a relocation package that fits the client (and your employees’) relocation needs. She aims to successfully help the employees and their families integrate into Dutch society in a swift and pleasant manner.

Prior to joining EMG, Miriam worked as a Mobility Consultant at a global and leading Relocation firm. In this role, she worked on both local and global accounts, where she focussed on the relocation of the complete families, making sure that all members (including partners and children) were as comfortable as possible with their move to the Netherlands.

Miriam has a real personal approach, where she will be delighted to take the employees by the hand and assist them in their relocation process step-by-step. We realise all too well that accompanying family members of employees are just as important (often even more important). In general Miriam prefers to have a briefing call as first contact with both the expat and their spouse, to make sure that everyone feels heard and get the chance to discuss doubts or fears that they might experience. Miriam provides the assurance that they can be as open as possible, to build a strong relationship with her, so that the family feels assured that they are in good hands. In addition and in case applicable, Miriam sends the children nice personal notes, with some information about topics that interest them and her contact details, so that the children know that Miriam is always available if they have questions about their new home country. Parents, as we all know, want to make sure that their children will be happy in their new environment, have the best education as possible, and want their children to feel at home as soon as they have landed at the airport, and if possible even sooner.

With the personal aspect on the first place, the second most important thing is organizing the actual relocation. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of living in the Netherlands, (Amsterdam in particular). The Amsterdam areas, housing market and types of educations are some examples of areas of expertise that Miriam can give clear and accurate advice on. When finding a suitable accommodation Miriam assists in placing an offer, checks the draft lease contract and negotiates pricing where needed, arranges the check-in at the new property and make sure the house is ready to be lived in from the day of the check-in. In addition, and per the clients’ requests Miriam will assist on every aspect of settling in. Arranging appointments at the Expat Centre or Town Hall to obtain a BSN-number, open a bank account, send information on exchanging the drivers licence, gather information on specific hobby or sports clubs, et cetera. She is determined to find the perfect answer to every question.

What Miriam sets apart from other relocation providers is that she is determined to offer the best, most personal and tailor made service. Feedback of her former expat families vary from “Miriam was really going the extra mile’, “She did everything to make us feel at home” and “Thank you for all your patience and guidance”, to “She’s always available”, “We always get our answer, no matter to what kind of question, within the hour”, and “We couldn’t have wished for better assistance.” In addition, Miriam and her team coordinate relocation moves to other destinations in the Netherlands, thereby allowing EMG to service its clients with their relocation in the whole of the Netherlands.

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