Scientific researchers and students from third countries enjoy more mobility and flexibility within the EU

On 23rd May 2018 the EU implemented Directive 2016/801 which will increase mobility for students and researchers within the European Union. Researchers that fall under specific programs as part of the EU already enjoy work permit exemptions in certain circumstances if the program is funded by the EU and if the researchers possess a valid employment agreement from the host institution.

For students who have recently graduated or who graduated 2 years ago, it will be easier to obtain a work permit for an internship as they no longer need to provide any proof of the internship being necessary or relevant but only that it serves an educational purpose. Foreign students with a valid residence permit for ‘study’ will also be allowed to work 16 hours per week next to their studies with a valid work permit. This used to be 10 hours per week or during the summer months full-time.

Mobility for researchers within the EU will be stimulated as well as researchers will be allowed to remain longer periods in the other EU Member State than previously. The condition is however that the researcher has a valid residence permit as a researcher in another Member State and that the research is part of the same research program.

Another change is that students and researchers with a valid permit for research or study in another Member State, can stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days. In this case students and researcher no longer have to apply for a Dutch residence permit for their research or study at a Dutch university. This is also applicable for family members accompanying students and researchers to the Netherlands. Should this be the case, please let us know and we can inform you on the steps that needs to be taken when students and researchers have arrived in the Netherlands.

If you employ researchers from other EU Member States as a research organization and/or have further queries please do not hesitate to contact EMG directly