EU Posted Workers

As of 2019, a notification system for workers posted in the Netherlands will be made available online by the inspectorate of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW). Please read below what this means for you as an employer temporarily hosting European workers in the Netherlands.

Employers are obliged to assign certain minimum terms of employment to the personnel that comes to the Netherlands to work temporarily. Key to the adopted legislation is:

Equal pay for equal work at the same place

To ensure this principle employers need to comply with certain obligations. Failure to comply can lead to administrative fines between €335 and €20750 per employee based on the specific circumstances.


  • The obligation to provide information: 
    to the inspectorate, on request; 
  • The duty to report: 
    to the respective authorities in the member state of posting;
  • The duty to retain: 
    copies of specific employment documents related to the posting;
  • The obligation to appoint: 
    a representative to liaise with the labour authorities and inspectorate in the host country


How will EMG assist your company?

  • Program implementation to ensure your company’s compliance with the changing posted worker rules:
    Compliance training for stakeholders – tools & tricks to flag complex situations – workforce verification check;
  • Ensure correct retention of documents:
    Reducing administrative burden by assistance of our experienced immigration consultants;
  • Prepare and file all required posted workers notifications to the inspectorate of the SZW:
    Our team will notify the respective authority to ensure correct notifications;
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring:
    Our team will be available for advice and to conduct monitoring whenever needed.

This blog was written by DBi-member Dominique Coenen of Expat Management Group

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