Debate of fiscal unity emergency repairs bill

In a letter to the Lower House, the State Secretary for Finance writes that debating of the fiscal unity emergency repairs bill will have been completed in the first quarter of 2019.  The reason for this is the retrospective force incorporated in the bill up to and including January 1, 2018.  Timely debate of the bill must prevent thattax payers must file their 2018 corporate tax returns prior to completion of the legislative process. 

In his letter, the State Secretary points to the complexity of the legislation for fiscal unity.  Due to provisions contained in the bill, the legislation has become even more complicated.  The debate in the Lower House has been delayed by rulings in the two cases which led to the presentation of this bill.    

In the meantime, we will keep you up-to-date.  Have you further queries regarding emergency repairs or debating of fiscal unities?  If so,get in touch with us.          

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